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What's new in BOS (September 2015)

Posted: 28th September 2015

Recent downtime

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the recent scheduled downtime.  We are working on some enhancements to BOS which require some of the underlying structure of the system to be changed.  The only way we can safely make these changes is to make the system unavailable while the work takes place.

During the downtime, the following enhancements were implemented:

  • It is now possible to view your entire survey list on one page.  To do this, click on Results per page at the bottom right of your dashboard-icon Dashboard, and choose All from the drop-down list.
  • The PDF export of your survey questions has been modified to reduce the size of the left-hand margin.  This should help grid and scale/rank questions fit better on the page.
  • Organisation account users – some changes have been made to the Views page to make it easier to see who has created which views, and to see which users have been given access to limited results data.

Other improvements to BOS

We are always working on BOS and several other changes have been implemented in the past six months.  As well as responding to fault/bug reports, we have improved and enhanced the system.  The improvements recently incorporated into BOS include:

  • Portuguese has been added to our list of supported languages.
  • The survey contact name is now visible on the survey_launchpad small Survey launchpad and on the permissions icon Permissions page.  This makes it easier to see who is responsible for a survey where a lot of people have access to it.
  • Where a survey has been set up with a ‘Max responses’ number, the survey_launchpad small Survey launchpad now contains information about how many more responses can be received before the survey is automatically closed.
  • Survey authors can now export zero indexed data from multiple choice, multiple answer, selection list and scale questions.
  • The number of survey reminder emails that can be sent to a respondent has been increased from one to two.

Updates to the Help site

Our Help and Support site has expanded significantly over the last six months.  More than 40 new FAQs and 10 new support articles have been added, and many existing articles have been updated.

Here is a selection of our new FAQs:

Upcoming enhancements

We are working hard on the upcoming enhancements described in this blog post and look forward to providing you with an update on our progress in the near future.

Stay in touch

What do you think? If you have any comments about our enhancements please contact us at bos-support@bristol.ac.uk.