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Upcoming Enhancements

Posted: 31st July 2015

We have listened to your thoughts and suggestions since the launch of the new version of BOS and, over the summer, we plan to work on two substantial enhancements based on your feedback.

Admin User tools

We intend to make a number of changes to help Admin Users administer their BOS Accounts more effectively. In particular we intend to:

  • Add an extra filter to the Dashboard for Admin Users that will enable them to hide surveys that they are not the Contact for. This will effectively provide two different views: one for account administration and one for survey authoring.
  • In Organisation accounts, introduce default permissions for Admin Users on all surveys in the account to enable them to Preview and Delete any survey (without providing access to the results). This will ensure that survey content can be checked and old data deleted.
  • Provide a bulk delete option for surveys.

Answer Piping

We intend to introduce Answer Piping. This is a feature that enables a survey to incorporate answers from previous questions into upcoming questions or notes.


In this simple example of Answer Piping the respondent is asked, on page 1, what their favourite season is:


On page 2, their answer is incorporated in a follow-up question:


Answer piping can have a number of different applications and we’re excited to introduce this functionality to BOS.

Stay in touch

What do you think? If you have any comments about our proposed enhancements please contact us at bos-support@bristol.ac.uk

Over the coming months we intend to publish a development roadmap so that you can keep up with our plans for BOS. We also intend to begin regularly publishing details of updates. Keep an eye on our blog for more details.