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New features

New features: Responses digest; Theme builder

Posted: 4th December 2018

Responses digest You can now receive a digest email that will update you on how many new responses your surveys have received. You can determine the frequency for each of your surveys from as often a daily to weekly. This feature is available to all Organisation account users. Ask our Support team about upgrading at […]

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New features: Invitation email counter; pre-population parameters

Posted: 21st November 2018

Invitation and reminder email counter We’ve added two extra columns to the respondent list on the Survey Access Control page that flag whether or not an invitation email has been sent to each respondent and how many reminders have been issued afterwards. We hope this will make using the integrated email tool easier and provide […]

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New feature: Respondent Progress (per SAC respondent)

Posted: 29th October 2018

We have introduced a second Respondent Progress chart for users tracking respondents using Survey Access Control. Where the first chart tracks the number of times a survey page has been visited (regardless of who it is and how many times the same individual might have visited that page), the new second chart will track an […]

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New feature: Pre-population validation


We have introduced a new tool in Online Surveys that will help users who are pre-populating multiple choice or selection list questions using Survey Access Control. When pre-populating these types of questions, it is important that the values uploaded to your respondent list in the x1-10 columns match the text of the related question’s answer […]

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New feature: Delete an individual response

Posted: 11th October 2018

We have extended the ‘Exclude response’ function to enable a user with access to a survey’s Analyse tab to delete a response permanently. To do this, you will need to follow the ‘Exclude’ process by browsing to the individual record, scrolling down and clicking ‘Exclude this response.’ The response will be excluded from your results […]

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New feature: Alternative charts for analysing MCMA questions

Posted: 8th October 2018

We have introduced a new way to analyse Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers) questions. There will now be two different chart types to choose from. New default chart: “Bar chart (multi answer)” As a default, the charts displayed for your MCMA questions will display the percentage of respondents who selected each answer option. For instance, in […]

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An Update on Development

Posted: 5th October 2018

It has been exactly one year since Online Surveys – then BOS – moved here to Jisc. We’ve been extremely busy in that time, bedding-in and making sure our users continue to experience a great level of service. We’ve also managed to begin introducing new functionality in that time and we have more plans to […]

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We’ve made some changes

Posted: 2nd August 2018

Some users have fed back that they are confused by the need to have a minimum of two pages in a survey, and why the final page cannot contain any questions. Because of the number of queries this has generated, we have taken steps to make things clearer and more intuitive for users. Now, when […]

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New feature update: shared survey notifications

Posted: 26th June 2018

Users will now receive a Dashboard notification message when a survey is shared with them by another user.     We hope this will help users better manage their surveys. These messages will remain for two weeks after the survey is shared, but can be dismissed from your Dashboard. Be a part of our community […]

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New feature update: bulk permissions and response start timestamp

Posted: 25th June 2018

We’re continuing to make enhancements to Online Surveys based on feedback from our user community. Here’s a couple of changes we’ve made this week: Bulk permissions If you’re an Organisation account user, you can now add users to your Survey Permissions page in bulk and apply permissions for multiple users at once. To add multiple […]

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