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Can I restrict the type of answers respondents can provide?


To restrict answers to dates and times, you can use the date and time question types.  You can allow any date or time to be entered or set a date and/or time range for these questions, to restrict answers to dates or times within a given period.

Alternatively, there are a number of restrictions that can be applied to free text questions:

  1. You can limit the length of responses by setting a maximum number of characters that can be entered.
  2. You can restrict the type of answer that can be provided to one of the following options:
    • Email address
    • IP address
    • ISBN
    • Letters (case insensitive)
    • Letters (upper case only)
    • Letters (lower case only)
    • Number (integer)
    • Number (decimal)
    • Number (with up to two decimal places)
    • Number (integer or decimal)
    • Phone number
    • UK postcode
    • Web address
  3. The four ‘Number’ options above also allow you to set upper and lower limits, e.g. to restrict answers to numbers between 0 and 10.