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Can questions be made compulsory?


Yes.  To make a question compulsory: Create a new question, or edit an existing question. Click on Advanced options. In the Optionality & dependency section, choose Required. Click Add question (if adding a new question) or Save (if editing an existing question). A red star will appear next to the question text to indicate that […]

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Can I turn off page numbering?

Posted: 21st May 2015

Yes. To do this: Click on Design. Click on  Survey settings. Under Completion options, untick Show survey progress bar. Click Save. This hides both the progress bar at the top of each page and the page numbers. Page numbers will automatically be hidden if your survey contains routing – there is no need to hide the […]

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Adding sub-questions

Posted: 19th February 2019

You can add sub-questions (also known as follow-on questions) to any type of question. Where the parent question is a multiple choice or selection list question, you can choose to make the sub-questions visible only if a certain answer option is selected in the parent. To add a sub-question: Add the parent question as normal. Within the […]

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Can questions, answer options, pages or respondents be randomised?

Posted: 21st April 2015

It is not currently possible to randomise the order of questions, answer options or pages, or to randomly assign respondents to different versions of a survey. However, depending on the nature of your research, the following suggestions may allow you to work around this: Known groups of respondents If you are surveying a known group […]

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Adding a link

Posted: 20th April 2015

You can insert links into notes, question text and the ‘More info’ section of a question.  You can add the full URL for the relevant website, or you can make a word or a string of text into a link. Links cannot be inserted into answer options, nor can they be added to row items in grid questions […]

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Adding an image

Posted: 16th March 2015

This page explains how to add an image to your survey.  Images can be added to notes, question text and the ‘More info’ section of a question. If you wish to add a logo to your survey please see Customising your survey’s appearance. Please ensure that you have obtained copyright clearance to use any files/images that […]

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Adding a video or other media content


Video and audio material cannot be hosted on the online surveys website. However, you can embed media that is hosted on an external service, such as YouTube or Vimeo, into your survey. Videos and other media can be embedded into a note or the ‘More info’ section in a question. Videos and other media cannot be embedded into question […]

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Adding files to your survey

Posted: 24th August 2015

If you need to make files or documents available to survey respondents (for example, you are collecting feedback on design mock-ups and want to include the mock-up images in the survey), you can upload them in the  Survey files section of your survey.  Survey respondents can then view your file(s) by clicking on a link […]

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