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How do I distinguish between a question and a sub-question?

Posted: 15th September 2015

When editing a survey in online survey, it is important to know whether you are creating/editing a parent question or a sub-question. The main distinguishing features of parent questions and sub-questions are outlined below. Parent questions: Are added by clicking in a blue section of the survey builder. Are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, … Are […]

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What is a page break?


A page break splits an online surveys page into two pages.  Page breaks can only be inserted between two existing items on a page (e.g. between two questions or between a note and a question). A page break cannot be removed.  If you have added a page break to your survey that you wish to remove, the […]

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Including a consent statement


It may be necessary for you to obtain a statement of consent from your respondents to participate in your research, or a statement that they have read and agreed to certain terms and conditions. In either case, it is important that respondents can only continue with the survey if they state that they do consent or that they have […]

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Creating a new survey

Posted: 24th January 2014

There are three ways to create a new survey: Create a new survey from scratch. Create a new survey by copying an existing survey. Create a new survey by importing a survey structure. Creating a new survey from scratch To create your new survey: Click + Create new at the top left of the Dashboard […]

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Adding pages, text and sections to your survey

Posted: 29th April 2014

This page explains how to build the framework of your survey by adding pages, text and sections. To access the  Survey builder, go to your Dashboard , locate your survey and click on Design. Adding pages The best way to start building your survey is to decide how many pages you will need. Your survey has to consist […]

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Creating a grid question


A grid allows you to group questions together into a table format. Grids are flexible and space saving, but can easily become complex and difficult for respondents to use. Grids can be particularly challenging for respondents using screen readers or respondents using mobile devices with small screens. Setting up your grid In the  Survey builder: Find the right […]

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What is an ‘orphaned page’?

Posted: 10th June 2015

If you are using routing in your survey, you may encounter a message on your survey launchpad that states “Survey contains orphaned pages”. An ‘orphaned page’ is one that is skipped by all respondents.  You cannot launch a survey with an orphaned page. To identify which page(s) are orphaned, click on Design and then Survey map. […]

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Copying, moving and deleting questions

Posted: 8th June 2015

The copy, move and delete actions are only available in DRAFT surveys.  Once a survey has been launched, the copy, move and delete options are greyed out and these actions cannot be performed. The copy, move and delete actions are permanent and there is no ‘Undo’ option.  If you are unsure of the effect that a […]

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