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Adding a link ADVANCED

You can insert links into notes, question text and the ‘More info’ section of a question.  You can add the full URL for the relevant website, or you can make a word or a string of text into a link.

Links cannot be inserted into answer options, nor can they be added to row items in grid questions or scale/rank questions.

A link can be set to open in the same window (this will take the participant away from the survey) or it can be set to open in a new window, so that the participant can still continue with the survey even after opening the link.

Adding a link

In the the survey builder icon Survey builder:

  1. Add a new question or note (or click the edit icon Edit icon next to an existing one).
  2. In the question or note text box, choose where you want to insert your link (or select the text that you want to turn into a link).
  3. Click on the link Link icon.  This will open the Link window.
  4. Insert the full URL for your link into the URL box.  The Protocol should automatically change to the correct prefix (e.g. http:// or ftp://).  You can change it manually if needed.
  5. If you want your link to open in a new window, click on the Target tab and choose New Window from the drop-down list.
  6. Click OK.

link popup


Once you have clicked OK, the link will appear in your question or note text box, underlined and coloured blue.  Here you can:

  • Edit the link by clicking on the blue, underlined link text and then clicking the link Link icon.
  • Remove the link, by either deleting the link text or by clicking on the link text and then clicking the unlink Unlink icon.