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Why is the "Finish" button on the second-last page of my survey?

Your survey must consist of at least two pages:

  1. The start (or landing) page, which can contain questions; and
  2. The final ‘Thank you’ page, which must not contain any questions.

This is because all surveys have a Finish button on the second-last page to warn respondents that they are reaching the end of the survey from which they cannot go back to edit their answers.  Answers are submitted when the respondent clicks on the Finish button and moves on to the final ‘Thank you’ page.

If you see the Finish button on the second-last page of questions when you preview your survey, this means that you have not yet added a final ‘Thank you’ page with no questions on it.

To add a final page:

  1. Go to the Survey builder and scroll to the bottom of your survey.
  2. Click on the Add Page button that appears after the last page of questions.
  3. Add a title and click on Add page.
  4. You may then wish to add a Note on your final page to thank your participants for completing the survey, provide debriefing information, and/or provide contact details for queries about the survey.

Note:  You will not be able to launch your survey if it has fewer than two pages or if it has two or more pages but there are questions on the final page.