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Navigating your Dashboard

When you log in to online surveys, you are taken to the Dashboard . From the dashboard you can create new surveys, find and work on existing surveys, import surveys,…


This FAQ provides general information about piping in online surveys. We recommend you read this page in its entirety before using piping in online surveys for the first time. For…

Comparing responses from several surveys

…want to: Compare surveys based on their structure: This will compare surveys based on the number, type and order of the questions. The comparison tool will attempt to match question…

Managing account responsibilities

the account complies with the Data Protection Act. Being the first point of contact for any queries regarding the account. Mediating account-level requests from the organisation to the online surveys…

Will exporting my results affect my survey?

…generates a copy of the information held on the online surveys servers and converts it into the format that you have chosen. The original information is retained within online surveys….

How do I reset my password?

…have not forgotten your password but you wish to change it, you can either: Use the Forgotten password link on the online surveys sign in screen; or Sign in to…

What is the Survey Contact?

…this and click Save. Important: A Survey Contact must be an online surveys user who is either part of the same online surveys account or has permissions for the survey….

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