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New Dashboard and Admin tools

Posted: 10th November 2015

In July we let you know that we were working hard to make some changes in BOS that our users have asked for. Last month we announced the introduction of Piping. Today we are happy to announce a raft of new Dashboard and Admin tools.

The changes we’ve made vary depending on your account type, so take a look below to see what changes have been made for you. Admin users can check their account type by clicking Manage in the top-right of the Dashboard dashboard-icon and selecting the account name.

New Dashboard tools

Single-user, Project and Organisation accounts

Retain last Dashboard view

BOS will keep your filtered Dashboard view when you leave the Dashboard and return, until you reset the view or sign out.

Export a list of your surveys

You can export a list of your surveys and key information in a CSV file.

Project and Organisation accounts

View a survey’s contact on the Dashboard

You can view – and sort by – Survey Contacts on your Dashboard.

Organisation account

Just my surveys

Your default Dashboard view will just list surveys for which you are the Survey Contact. Unchecking the new ‘Just my Surveys’ filter will change the view to list all the surveys in the account that you have permissions for.

Filter surveys by Survey Contact

In addition to being able to view – and sort by – who the Survey Contact is for surveys on your Dashboard, Organisation account users can filter by Survey Contact using the existing filter tool.

Bulk delete surveys

You can select multiple surveys to delete at the same time.

New Admin tools

Project and Organisation accounts

Export a list of your users

Admin users can export a list of account users in a CSV file.

Organisation accounts

Permissions for other users’ surveys

All surveys in the account are now viewable on an Admin’s dashboard if they uncheck ‘Just my surveys’. To help Admin users manage surveys in the account, without exposing data, Admin users now have the following permissions on all surveys:

  • Preview: view the survey from a respondent’s point of view and export a PDF of the survey’s questions.
  • Manage: view the Survey Launchpad and delete the survey.
  • Read-only permissions: view the permissions list for the survey,

Bulk invite

Admin users can invite up to 100 new users at a time with our new bulk invite tool.

Other enhancements

More reminder emails

We’ve increased the number of allowed reminder emails from two to four, meaning you can now send each respondent five emails using BOS’s integrated email tool.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us at bos-support@bristol.ac.uk