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What is the Survey Contact?

A Survey contact details link appears on the footer of every page of every survey. When a respondent follows the link, they are provided with the name and email address of the Survey Contact.

The Survey Contact is also listed next to the survey name on the Dashboard, and is assumed to be the user responsible for the survey. However, this does not imply any rights over the survey should the Survey Contact’s permissions for the survey be removed.

Finally, a Survey Contact in an Organisation account can choose to receive response digest emails for that survey.

Who is the Survey Contact for a given survey?

As a default, the survey contact is the online surveys user who created the survey, but this can be changed to another user.

If a user is deleted from an account but was a Survey Contact, the Survey Contact will default to another user with permissions for the survey.

If a user is deleted from an account but was a Survey Contact and there are no other users with permissions for the survey, the account’s Primary Contact will be named as the Survey Contact for respondents.

How do I change the Survey Contact?

To change the Survey Contact, go to the Design tab of your survey and click on survey settings icon Survey settings in the left-hand menu. Expand Contact, copyright and screening message pages.

The default Survey Contact will be displayed under Contact username. Amend this and click Save.

Important: A Survey Contact must be an online surveys user who is either part of the same online surveys account or has permissions for the survey.