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An Update on Development

Posted: 5th October 2018

It has been exactly one year since Online Surveys – then BOS – moved here to Jisc.

We’ve been extremely busy in that time, bedding-in and making sure our users continue to experience a great level of service. We’ve also managed to begin introducing new functionality in that time and we have more plans to share with you.

Thanks for continuing to use Online Surveys and for being a part of our community.

New Functionality

Time zone support

We have introduced time zone support. You can find this in the Localisation section in Survey Settings. Changing the time zone will be reflected in the survey’s open and close times, and in the Analysis summary when browsing responses or filtering by day. The data export will still show submission times in UTC.

Call for participants

We have added a ‘Find respondents’ section to the Survey Launchpad with a link to a Jisc stablemate, Call for Participants. Call for Participants helps researchers recruit participants for their studies and can be used with Online Surveys. More information on Call for Participants can be found here: https://www.callforparticipants.com/

Development Roadmap

Going forward, at the start of each quarter, we will publish our plans for development for that quarter here: https://www.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/development-roadmap/

By publishing this, we hope to keep ourselves focused and assure our users that we’re working hard and being responsive to their requests. We may add to this list over the autumn and we will, no doubt, have smaller ad-hoc releases. Please continue to feed back what you would like to see here.