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We’ve made some changes

Posted: 2nd August 2018

Some users have fed back that they are confused by the need to have a minimum of two pages in a survey, and why the final page cannot contain any questions.

Because of the number of queries this has generated, we have taken steps to make things clearer and more intuitive for users.

Now, when a user creates a new survey, they will find two blank pages instead of just one.

Page 1 is ready for the user to add their questions.

Page 2 is the final page of the survey. It will be shown to respondents after they have submitted their response, so It should not contain any questions. Instead, users should add a Note for a ‘thank you’ message or debrief.

We’ve included explanatory text on the final page and we’ve restricted the functionality available too so that it is only possible to add a note or section. We’ve also removed the ‘Add page’ button from underneath the final page.

We hope this will make things a little more straightforward for new users.


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