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Respondent anonymity and online surveys

Online surveys is designed to protect respondent anonymity. Online surveys does not use cookies for survey completion and external tracking software such as Google Analytics is not supported on online

How can I help a user who can’t log in?

…user has activated their account (the Active box is ticked): Advise the user that they should discard the invitation email and log in at https://admin.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/accounts/login/ Check that the user is…

Who do I contact for help?

…of every Help page. The online surveys support team is not always the appropriate first point of contact. Listed below are some common queries where the online surveys team may…

Creating accessible surveys

…greater than 4.5:1, as required by the WCAG2 guidelines. The precise ratios are: Section text: 5:1 Question text: 10:1 Possible answers: 10:1 Colour schemes suitable for one group of people…

Features not currently available in online surveys

…we may consider re-introducing them into a future release of online surveys. The features not currently available in the latest version of online surveys are: Email alerts on survey completion….

Sharing a survey with another user

…permissions are: Manage: the other user can: launch the survey (but cannot change any of the distribution settings); and delete the survey. Analyse (full): the other user can see and…