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Tag: survey settings

What is the Survey Contact?

Posted: 9th November 2015

A Survey contact details link appears on the footer of every page of every survey. When a respondent follows the link, they are provided with the name and email address of the Survey Contact. The Survey Contact is also listed next to the survey name on the Dashboard, and is assumed to be the user […]

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Can I turn off page numbering?

Posted: 21st May 2015

Yes. To do this: Click on Design. Click on  Survey settings. Under Completion options, untick Show survey progress bar. Click Save. This hides both the progress bar at the top of each page and the page numbers. Page numbers will automatically be hidden if your survey contains routing – there is no need to hide the […]

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Can respondents edit their answers?

Posted: 13th October 2014

If you enable survey navigation on the  Survey settings page, respondents will be able to go back to pages they have already completed and change their answers. If this option is not selected, respondents can only more forward. In either case, once a respondent reaches the final page of the survey, all their answers are […]

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Can respondents save a survey part way through and return to it later?

Posted: 10th October 2014

Yes, you can allow your respondents to complete the survey in several sessions by enabling the Finish Later option on the  Survey settings page. This option adds a Finish later link to the bottom each survey page, allowing respondents to save their responses and return to finish the survey later. Respondents who click on the Finish […]

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Can I turn off (or change) question numbering?


You can turn question numbering on or off on the  Survey settings page.  Turning question numbers off will hide the question numbers from your respondents’ view of the survey.  The question numbers will still be visible to you in the Design tab. To show or hide question numbers: Click on Design. Click on  Survey settings. […]

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Changing your survey language

Posted: 1st May 2014

The following languages are currently supported: Bosnian English French Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic) German Greek Italian Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Spanish Ukrainian Welsh To change the language of your survey: On your Dashboard , locate your survey and click Design. Click on Survey settings in the left-hand menu. Under the heading ‘Localisation’, select your required language from […]

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Setting your survey’s completion options


You can customise the way respondents navigate and complete your survey. To access these settings, go to the Design tab of your survey and click on  Survey settings in the left-hand menu. Any of the completion options can be changed even after a survey has been launched. However, changing these options might fundamentally change your respondents’ experience […]

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Adding contact and copyright information

Posted: 29th April 2014

Contact and copyright information is available to your survey respondents via links at the bottom of each survey page. The default contact message refers respondents to the survey author.  You can replace this with your own message and appropriate contact details.  Every survey must have a contact username associated with it, and this must be […]

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