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Adding contact and copyright information

Contact and copyright information is available to your survey respondents via links at the bottom of each survey page.

The default contact message refers respondents to the survey author.  You can replace this with your own message and appropriate contact details.  Every survey must have a contact username associated with it, and this must be a registered BOS user.  You can add alternative contact details, but you cannot remove the contact username.

Please note that you should check that the contact details are accurate and that the contact person, if this is not you, is aware of their responsibilities with respect to the survey.

You can also add a copyright message that will appear alongside the BOS copyright message on your survey.

To view, add or edit the contact and copyright messages:

  1. Go to the Design tab of your survey and click on survey settings icon Survey settings in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on Contact, copyright and screening message pages to expand.
  3. The Contact username field is required and will be set as the survey author by default.
    This can be changed to any registered, active BOS user who:

    • is within the same Project or Organisation account as the survey; or
    • is a member of a different BOS account but holds permissions on the survey.
  4. Type or copy your contact and copyright information into the relevant text boxes and use the formatting tools to add hyperlinks, if required.
  5. Click Save.

Note: The Screened out message only applies to surveys with screening logic applied. Visit our tutorial on screening out certain respondents to find out more.