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Can respondents save a survey part way through and return to it later?

Yes, you can allow your respondents to complete the survey in several sessions by enabling the Finish Later option on the survey settings icon Survey settings page.

This option adds a Finish later link to the bottom each survey page, allowing respondents to save their responses and return to finish the survey later.

Respondents who click on the Finish later link are taken to a page giving the survey’s closing date and a ‘finish later’ URL. They can use this URL to return to the survey at the page on which they clicked the ‘Finish later’ link. They can either bookmark the URL in their browser, or ask for the URL to be emailed to them.

Please note that the survey is not saved automatically.  The respondents must click on Finish later at the bottom of the survey page, and then use the ‘finish later’ URL provided by online surveys to return to the survey.  Additionally, it is the respondent’s responsibility to accurately enter their email address or bookmark the ‘finish later’ link to be able to resume the survey.

We cannot reunite respondents with their unfinished survey if they have lost their ‘finish later’ link.

To enable the ‘finish later’ option:

  1. Locate your survey and click on Design.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click on survey settings icon Survey settings.
  3. Under Completion options, tick the box next to Enable ‘finish later’ option.
  4. Click Save.