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Can I turn off (or change) question numbering?

You can turn question numbering on or off on the survey settings icon Survey settings page.  Turning question numbers off will hide the question numbers from your respondents’ view of the survey.  The question numbers will still be visible to you in the Design tab.

To show or hide question numbers:

  1. Click on Design.
  2. Click on survey_settings small Survey settings.
  3. Under Completion options, tick or untick Show question numbers.
  4. Click Save.

Question numbers can be turned off but the question numbering format cannot be changed.  Questions and sub-questions are numbered in the following format:

  • Questions: 1, 2, 3,…
  • Level 1 sub-questions and grid rows: a, b, c,…
  • Level 2 sub-questions: i, ii, iii, iv,…

These formats are fixed to ensure consistent reporting.