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Jisc online surveys upgrade update

Posted: 19th October 2022

Update on progress

Our developers are working hard to deliver the new version of online surveys towards the end of the year for all users. In the meantime, Jisc will be soft-launching the new version in October for its national benchmarking surveys as part of the digital experience insights service. We’ve already worked with some of you and have implemented improvements based on your feedback. Being able to deliver digital experience insights in the new version will help us even further to deliver the right product for all users later.

We’re also working on a new help and support site so that users will find the help they need once they have been upgraded.

In our next update we’ll tell you more about the new version itself. For now, we have added an FAQ page to our support site, which we will update with answers to common questions from users.

Time to check your online surveys email address

The new version of online surveys will provide more secure authentication for users when logging in and passwords will no longer be stored. This means that it’s important that all users double-check that they are using an up-to-date email address (username) to log in. If you (or your end users) are using an old email address to log in, then now is the time to change it by following these instructions:

  1. On your Dashboard, click on Manage in the top right corner and select Your profile.
  2. Under Personal information, click Change username.
  3. Enter your new email address and click Update.
  4. After updating your details, a verification email will be sent to your new email address.
  5. To confirm the new address, follow the link included in the email.

We have added a message to the online surveys dashboard to ask all users to check their system email address and change it if needed. If you are an admin in an Organisation/Project account, you may want to prompt your users too.

Good housekeeping

As ever, it’s important to check that you aren’t storing surveys or users that are no longer needed. Now is a good time to do some housekeeping so that the content of your account is refreshed ahead of the move to the new version:

• Ensure you and your users all have up-to-date email addresses in online surveys.
• Ensure your primary contact and billing contact are up to date.
• Ensure your designated admins are up to date.
• Delete any inactive users.
• Delete any surveys you don’t need any more.
• Close any survey that no longer need to be open.