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Online surveys v3 FAQ

Why are you changing Online Surveys?

The current version of Online Surveys was developed nearly a decade ago. This means that it no longer looks, feels, or works like many modern web applications. To meet users’ expectations now and over the coming years, a face-lift of the current version wouldn’t quite be enough. Instead, our developers are building a new version from the ground up, using the latest technology, which will give us the opportunity to deliver something fresh and future-proof.

How big of a change is the new version?

Although the new version will look different, the concepts are largely the same and you will notice similarities in every aspect. As part of the design process we reviewed previous feedback, to see where we could deliver usability improvements, as well as working with UX experts and conducting usability testing with users to ensure the new version is as intuitive as possible – so you won’t get lost.

What features will the new version have?

Upon launch, the new version will have many of the same key features as the current version (plus some new ones). The exciting thing about starting from scratch is that we can lay the groundwork to build new features over the coming months and years based on your feedback. We will provide more details in upcoming communications about the features and functionality that will be delivered in our first iteration.

Will there be help and support for the new version?

Yes. Our team is working on a brand-new help and support site which will be in place to help users with their transition to the new version. Our Customer Success team will also be on hand to answer any queries you might have.

When will I be upgraded?

We are working towards delivering the new version of Online Surveys in early 2023.

How much notice will I get before I’m upgraded?

We will be in constant communication with our account owners in the lead-up to the transition to the new version. We will provide as much notice and support as possible.

Do I need to do anything before I’m upgraded?

There are some things you can do to make your transition to the new version as smooth as possible:

  • Ensure you and your users all have up-to-date email addresses in Online Surveys.
  • Ensure your Primary Contact and Billing Contact are up to date.
  • Ensure your designated Admins are up to date.
  • Delete any inactive users.
  • Delete any surveys you don’t need any more.
  • Close any survey that no longer need to be open.

Will the service go offline when my account is upgraded?

We will need to migrate your account’s data from the current version to the new version. This will require a pause in data collection and a period of scheduled maintenance is needed to facilitate this. We are in the discovery phase of our migration project now. We will be able to be more definitive about what this will look like closer to the time after testing has taken place.

What notice will I get prior to being migrated to the new version?

As much as possible. We will commit to no less than one month’s notice.

Will my surveys and response data be moved into the new version?

We plan to migrate all account, user, and survey data into the new version. We will provide instructions for users nearer the time on how to manage their open surveys.

Will the new version have secure authentication for users?

Yes. Initially, we will be soft-launching the new version for our Digital experience insights users in October with passwordless authentication, which is more secure than username and password authentication. A later release will introduce federated access