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Tag: advanced options

What is validation?

Posted: 9th February 2016

Some of the online surveys question types allow you to set restrictions on the answers, such as what type of answer or how many answers a respondent can provide. These restrictions are set in the Advanced options of the question editor, and where these restrictions can be applied you will also have the option to “Show […]

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What is More info?

Posted: 3rd February 2016

The More info text box, found in the Advanced options of a question editor, allows you to add further information to your questions.  This could be used to, for example, explain a particular term that is used in the question or provide a link to an external website. More info text is not displayed to respondents by […]

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Free text questions

Posted: 12th May 2014

Free text questions are typically used to allow respondents to give information, such as their name or email address. They can also be used to ask for people’s opinions, or to provide them with the opportunity to explain a previous answer. However, before allowing respondents to enter large amounts of text, think about how you […]

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Can questions be made compulsory?

Posted: 22nd May 2015

Yes.  To make a question compulsory: Create a new question, or edit an existing question. Click on Advanced options. In the Optionality & dependency section, choose Required. Click Add question (if adding a new question) or Save (if editing an existing question). A red star will appear next to the question text to indicate that […]

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