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Development Roadmap

The Online Surveys team meets regularly to review and discuss new features for the service. At the beginning of each new quarter, we’ll publish our planned development for that quarter here.

Planned Development: October – December 2018

Survey responses email digest
Organisation account users will be able to request a daily or weekly digest of new responses received for their surveys. This means that users will not need to log in to know if somebody has submitted a new response.

Theme builder
Users will be able to personalise their surveys by choosing fonts, colours and other attributes of their survey’s appearance.

Validation of pre-population parameters
Users who choose to pre-populate questions in their surveys will be able to check that the values they’ve uploaded match the answer options in their survey to ensure respondents do not get an error when attempting to complete the survey.

Alternative charts for analysing MCMA questions 
Users will be able to analyse Multi-answer questions in two different ways: percentage of respondents who selected each answer option and percentage of selections across all answer options.

Delete an individual response 
The ‘Exclude response’ function will be extended to include an option to permanently delete an individual response.


If you’d like to provide feedback or make suggestions for new features or functionality, please join our community mailing list.

Deployment History

26 Nov 18 Survey theme builder.

Survey responses email digest.

12 Nov 18 Invitation and reminder email count.

08 Nov 18 Ability to use a single pre-population parameter in multiple questions.

31 Oct 18 Response ID searchbox in Browse Responses.

24 Oct 18 Respondent progress chart to show progression of individual respondents where SAC is used.

22 Oct 18 Auto-adaptable column width on browsing individual response.

Pre-population parameter validation.

11 Oct 18 New ability to delete an individual response.

08 Oct 18 Alternative charts for analysing MCMA questions.

03 Oct 18 Tokens in email body text are no longer case-sensitive.

18 Sep 18 Time zone support.

28 Aug 18 Jisc rebranding.

13 Aug 18 New ability to export all individual records as a single PDF from Browse Responses.

Roll out of tougher password and log-in requirements.

02 Aug 18 A second (final) page is now added as a default when a new survey is created.

26 Jun 18 Users will now receive a Dashboard notification when a survey is shared with them.

25 Jun 18 New “Response Start” timestamp when you browse responses or export your data.

New ability to add users to your Survey Permissions page in bulk and apply permissions for multiple users at once.

15 Jun 18 New option to change sender name in survey invitation emails.

19 Dec 17 Increase of survey invitation email limit from 1,000 to 5,000.