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The new version of BOS has launched!

Posted: 1st November 2014

BOS was originally developed in 2002 as an easy-to-use online service that would allow non-technical users to develop, deploy and analyse surveys via the Web. Over a decade later the service is licensed by 85% of UK universities and used annually for national benchmarking surveys run by the Higher Education Academy and Vitae.

In 2012, income from BOS licensing was reinvested to begin a two-year comprehensive redevelopment of the BOS software, adding a host of new features requested by users, such as routing, more advanced distribution tools and support for mobile devices, while simultaneously taking advantage of new Web technologies and developments in “Big Data” databases.

We are pleased to announce that the redeveloped BOS is now available for new customers and the BOS team has begun working on migrating the 24,000 existing users, along with their 120,000+ surveys and quarter of a billion submitted answers, into the new BOS. As moving this much data takes time and migration dates for each account need to be individually agreed, this process is expected run into spring/summer 2015.

To see which account is right for you visit our Features and pricing page.

To try the new version you can register for a fully featured free 30 day demo account.