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Why do I have to enter a username and/or password to preview my survey?

The survey preview facility shows you exactly how the survey will look and behave when it is accessed at its public URL.  This includes any access restrictions.

If you have enabled survey access control – i.e. you have set up a survey password or a respondent list – the survey preview will ask you to enter the survey password or a username and password from your respondent list before you can view the rest of your survey.

To access your survey preview either:

1.  Enter the survey password you have set up; or

2.  Enter a username and password from your respondent list.

Note:  You cannot access your survey preview by entering your online survey username and password.  You must enter a valid username/password combination from your respondent list.

Online surveys shows you the sign-in page when you preview your survey so that you can:

  • review the text on the survey sign-in page;
  • test that the survey password or respondent usernames and passwords work correctly; and
  • test how the survey looks/behaves for different respondents in your respondent list.

Using a username and password from your respondent list to access the survey preview will not affect the respondent’s ability to access the live survey.