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Piloting your survey

The best way to check a survey before its official launch is to pilot a full version of it. This ‘dry run’ of your survey allows you to test all of its features, including data capture and reporting. It also means reviewers can test your survey without needing access to a online surveys account.

To pilot your survey:

  1. Locate your draft survey on the Dashboard dashboard-icon and click on Distribute.
  2. Go to survey settings icon Distribution settings in the left-hand menu.
  3. Set the opening date/time to the current date and time and retitle the survey, for example, “PILOT: (Survey name)”.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Set up survey access control, if required.
  6. Go to the launchpad icon Survey launchpad and click Launch survey.
  7. Share the URL with your reviewers.

When reviewing is complete:

  1. Close the pilot survey by changing the closing date in the survey settings icon Distribution settings to a date in the past.
  2. Check your test responses in the Analyse tab to see if your survey has generated the kind of data you need for your final report.
  3. On the Dashboard , click on the copy survey icon Copy survey icon.
  4. Give your new survey its final title and click Copy survey.
  5. Edit questions as suggested by the feedback on your pilot survey, if required.
  6. Set up survey access control and other survey options, if required.
  7. Launch the final survey.

By repeating the processes above, you can pilot and amend your survey several times before launch, if necessary.