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Is it possible to reuse a survey URL?

Yes, however you cannot use the same URL on more than one survey at the same time.  To reuse a survey URL, you must change the survey short name on the survey that is currently using the URL so that it frees the URL up for reuse.  The survey short name forms part of the survey’s Public URL and is the only part of the Public URL that you can amend.

To reuse a survey URL:

  1. Make a note of the URL you wish to reuse.
  2. Change the survey short name on the survey that is currently using the URL, as follows:
    • Locate your survey and click on Distribute.
    • Click on survey_settings small Distribution settings in the left-hand menu.
    • Change the Survey short name.
    • Click Save.
  3. In the new survey, change the survey short name, using the process above, so that the new survey’s Public URL matches the original URL.