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How do I export responses to a scale/rank question so that the data is in one column?

By default, scale/rank results data appears in a coded export file as a series of 1s and 0s in multiple columns:

There are two ways to combine scale/rank response data into one column.

1. Don’t code your data

Do not tick the ‘Code responses’ box, and do not choose the SPSS (.sav) file format.

This will export the response data for scale/rank questions in a format that only uses one column per statement.

Files in .xls or .xlsx format can (at the time of writing) be imported into SPSS.

Files in .csv format can (at the time of writing) be imported into SPSS and PSPP.

2. Code your data, but apply the option to combine the results data into one column

Under ‘Options for coded exports’, tick ‘Combine scale/rank values into a single column where possible‘.