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How do I export responses to a scale/rank question so that the data is in one column?

Response data for scale/rank questions will export in multiple columns if you:

  • tick the ‘Code responses’ box; or
  • choose the SPSS (.sav) file format.

If you have set your scale/rank question up so that only one answer can be selected per row, then you can combine the response data into a single column by ticking the ‘Combine scale/rank values into a single column where possible‘ box, under ‘Options for coded exports’.

Alternatively, you can export your data without ticking the ‘Code responses’ box, and choose a format other than the SPSS (.sav) file format.  This will export the response data for scale/rank questions in a format that only uses one column per statement.

Files in .xls or .xlsx format can (at the time of writing) be imported into SPSS.

Files in .csv format can (at the time of writing) be imported into SPSS and PSPP.