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What file formats are available when exporting response data?

When exporting your results, you can choose from five different formats:

  1. Microsoft Excel 2007 and later (.xlsx)
  2. Microsoft Excel 2003 and older (.xls)
  3. Comma Separated Values (.csv)
  4. SPSS (.sav)
  5. Tab Separated Values (.tsv)

The .sav file format is compatible with both SPSS and PSPP (a free statistical analysis program with similar features to SPSS).

If you wish to import your response data into a statistical analysis program that is not able to read the .sav format, you can tick the ‘Code responses’ box when exporting your data in .xlsx, .xls, .csv or .tsv format. ┬áThis will generate a data file and a key file, which need to be downloaded separately.