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Tag: export response data

What file formats are available when exporting response data?


When exporting your results, you can choose from five different formats: Microsoft Excel 2007 and later (.xlsx) Microsoft Excel 2003 and older (.xls) Comma Separated Values (.csv) SPSS (.sav) Tab Separated Values (.tsv) The .sav file format is compatible with both SPSS and PSPP (a free statistical analysis program with similar features to SPSS). If […]

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Will exporting my results affect my survey?

Posted: 15th May 2015

No. Exporting your data will not remove any information from the online surveys system, nor will it interrupt the running of your survey or close your survey. Exporting your results generates a copy of the information held on the online surveys servers and converts it into the format that you have chosen.  The original information is […]

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