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Can I recover a deleted item?

Deleted items within surveys

If you delete an item from your survey – e.g. a question, note or page – the item cannot be recovered and there is no ‘Undo’ option.  For most delete actions, you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the item.  Once you have clicked ‘Yes’, the item is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Deleted surveys

Surveys that have been deleted can be accessed and recovered for 30 days after they have been deleted.  Surveys are purged by an automatic process once 30 days have passed since they were deleted.  Purged surveys cannot be recovered.

To recover a survey that was deleted up to 30 days ago, click on bin Deleted surveys at the top right of your Dashboard dashboard-icon.  Locate the survey you wish to recover, and click the recovery Restore survey button.

Surveys can be permanently deleted from the Deleted surveys page if you do not wish to wait for the survey to be automatically purged from the system.  A survey that has been permanently deleted from the Deleted surveys page cannot be recovered.