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Accessing survey responses

As soon as respondents start completing your survey, you can view their responses as they come in.

This page explains how to:

  • Access your survey responses.
  • Customise how the data is displayed.
  • Save your responses as a PDF.

Accessing your survey responses

To access your response data, locate your survey on the Dashboard dashboard-icon and click Analyse. A summary of all your survey responses so far will appear.

Click the Jump button on the right to go straight to a particular part of your survey.

If your survey is still open, you can click on Refresh data refresh icon at the top right of the Analyse tab to update your response data as more responses come in.

Customising how the data is displayed

To change all chart types:

Click on the Display button to display all your quantitative data as:

  • Tables;
  • Bar charts; or
  • Pie charts.

To show all text responses:

The default view shows only the first 5 responses to free text questions.  To show all the free text responses, click on Display and choose All text responses.

To change the display options for individual questions:

Click on the cog_blue small cog next to a question’s responses to:

  • Hide the results for that question.
  • Export the data in .csv or .xlsx format.
  • Display more (or fewer) free text answers.
  • Switch to a different chart type.
  • Download a chart as an image to use in reports and presentations.

To save your display settings for later use:

  1. Click on save small Save these settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu to save your display options as a “view”.
  2. Enter a name for your view in the the pop-up box.
  3. Click Save.

Your saved views can be accessed in the Views tab at the top of the responses list.

Saving your responses as a PDF

Click on the Export button at the top of your responses list and select Download PDF from the drop-down menu. Your results will now be displayed as a PDF which you can save or print.

Note:  If your survey contains free text questions, click on Display and choose All text responses before downloading the PDF.

If you are using Google Chrome you can also CTRL+P to print/PDF your responses

Other options

On your Analyse page, you can also: