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Can I save different views of my survey results?

Posted: 9th February 2016

Yes.  If you are managing a complex survey, where you need to enable and disable combinations of filters, or show and hide different questions regularly, you can save each customised version of the Analyse Summary report as a view. To save a view: Go to the Analyse tab of your survey and create a customised […]

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Providing limited access to results data

Posted: 30th March 2015

If you are a member of an Organisation account, online surveys allows you to provide limited access to results data to other users.  This may be necessary or desirable where you want to: protect the anonymity of your respondents; restrict access to sensitive or personal data; and/or provide a user with only the information that is […]

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Accessing survey responses

Posted: 15th May 2014

As soon as respondents start completing your survey, you can view their responses as they come in. This page explains how to: Access your survey responses. Customise how the data is displayed. Save your responses as a PDF. Accessing your survey responses To access your response data, locate your survey on the Dashboard and click Analyse. A […]

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Filtering survey responses

Posted: 19th May 2014

This page explains how to: Filter survey responses by date or question number. Filter responses by answers given. Save a combination of filters and settings. Filtering responses by date or question number On your survey’s Analyse page, all responses received so far are shown by default. To only show responses from a specific date or […]

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