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GDPR and Online Surveys

Posted: 24th May 2018

Jisc takes its data protection responsibilities seriously. On the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we have a GDPR project team delivering a detailed project plan to implement GDPR for Jisc. We have recently been audited and the auditor was impressed at our approach (using the ICO 12 steps as our basic approach). We are also supporting the HE and FE sector with their GDPR approach through our website www.jisc.ac.uk/gdpr. We have recently set up an HE FE GDPR working group made up of institution specialists and sector leads and it includes a senior advisor from the ICO. Our plan is to produce further sector guidance and will available from our website (link above).

The online surveys team are working with Jisc’s GDPR project team to ensure that our services and policies meet new regulations and that you, as our users are kept updated about the changes we are making.

Based on advice and guidance from Jisc’s GDPR project team, we have made some minor changes to the website. The changes explain what information Jisc collects from you and how we use it, as well as prompts to remind you about sharing and/or collecting personal data in surveys. The main difference you will notice is that for all survey users, in the Design tab where you create a new survey, we’ve added the following statement to encourage survey creators to create and include a privacy notice for the survey they’re about to create.

Online surveys’ Terms and Conditions have been reviewed by Jisc’s legal team. The Data Protection section has been revised and moved to a separate schedule (Schedule 2) for clarity. Please find our Terms and Conditions here: https://www.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/terms-and-conditions/

if you have any questions or concerns about GDPR and your licence please let us know, help@jisc.ac.uk