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What file formats are available when exporting response data?


When exporting your results, you can choose from five different formats: Microsoft Excel 2007 and later (.xlsx) Microsoft Excel 2003 and older (.xls) Comma Separated Values (.csv) SPSS (.sav) Tab Separated Values (.tsv) The .sav file format is compatible with both SPSS and PSPP (a free statistical analysis program with similar features to SPSS). If […]

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Are survey submissions date stamped?

Posted: 21st May 2015

Yes.  Survey submissions are date and time stamped. To see this information, click on Analyse and then Browse Responses.  Each individual response has a completion date and time stamp at the top of the response. You can choose to include the date and time information when you export your data by ticking the Include date of response submission […]

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Will exporting my results affect my survey?

Posted: 15th May 2015

No. Exporting your data will not remove any information from the online surveys system, nor will it interrupt the running of your survey or close your survey. Exporting your results generates a copy of the information held on the online surveys servers and converts it into the format that you have chosen.  The original information is […]

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Providing limited access to results data

Posted: 30th March 2015

If you are a member of an Organisation account, online surveys allows you to provide limited access to results data to other users.  This may be necessary or desirable where you want to: protect the anonymity of your respondents; restrict access to sensitive or personal data; and/or provide a user with only the information that is […]

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Can I see partial or incomplete responses?

Posted: 20th March 2015

No.  You can only see a survey response after the respondent has clicked on the Finish button on the penultimate page of your survey.  Partial / incomplete / unfinished survey responses cannot be accessed. If you wish to know how many times your survey has been accessed but not completed, and/or you would like to […]

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Copying charts from the Analysis Summary

Posted: 12th December 2014

Because the charts in your survey’s Analysis page are dynamic it is not possible to select and copy them from the browser to then paste into another document. To download individual chart images: Click on the cog icon next to the chart you want to download. Click Download chart. Save the image. To copy the […]

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Anonymising your response data

Posted: 23rd September 2014

Whether hidden or not, pre-populated questions are treated in the same way as any other survey responses and are included in the summary of your Analyse page. Here you can, for example, compare response rates, set up filters to group responses by categories (e.g. different departments or regions), or cross-tabulate responses given by different groups […]

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Merging responses from several surveys

Posted: 20th May 2014

You can merge the responses from two or more surveys that have the same structure (the same number, type and order of the questions).  For the merge process to work, all the merged surveys must contain the same number of questions in the same order.  Additionally, the question types must match across all surveys (e.g. if question […]

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Comparing responses from several surveys


You can compare the responses from two or more surveys that have the same structure or contain matching questions. This allows you to, for example: Compare different language versions of the same survey, as long as the order, number and types of questions are the same. Measure your results against those of other researchers running the […]

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