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What are the key features of the different BOS account types?

This page lists some of the key differences between the three BOS account types.  This is not an exhaustive list of all of the different features available in all account types.  Before you purchase a BOS account you should ensure that the functionality available in the account type that you have chosen meets your organisation’s requirements.

Please see our Features and pricing page for the full list of features available in each BOS account type.

Six of the key differences between the three account types are:

Maximum number of users

  • This refers to the number of people who can create surveys within the account, not the number of people who can respond to a survey (survey responses are unlimited for all account types).
  • A Single user account can only have one user, a Project account is limited to 10 users and an Organisation account allows unlimited users.

Survey permissions

The survey permissions functionality is only available in an Organisation account.  There are two main features of the survey permissions functionality:

  1. The ability to prevent other users within the same BOS account from seeing/editing/launching your surveys
    • In an Organisation account, full access to surveys is limited to the survey author in the first instance.  While Admin users have restricted default permissions on all surveys in an Organisation account, other BOS users can only access a survey if the survey author uses the survey permissions functionality to grant this access.
    • In a Project account, all users within the account have full and identical access to all surveys in the account.
    • In a Single user account, there is only one user and therefore survey permissions do not apply.
  2. The ability to share surveys with users in other BOS accounts
    • Users in an Organisation account can use the survey permissions functionality to share surveys with BOS users in other BOS accounts.
    • Users in Single user and Project accounts do not have access to the survey permissions functionality but they can share surveys through other means, such as by creating a PDF of the survey questions or piloting the survey.

The ability to email survey invitations and reminders from within BOS

  • Single user account users do not have access to the BOS email tool and must send survey invitations and reminders outside of BOS.

The option to participate in benchmarking groups

  • This is only available in Project and Organisation accounts.

Access to email and telephone support

  • This is only available in Project and Organisation accounts.

Account administration tools

  • Tools to bulk invite new users and bulk delete surveys are only available in Organisation accounts.