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How can I share my survey/data with someone else?

Posted: 10th October 2014

There are several ways to share your survey and/or results data with other people, both within and outside of online surveys. Sharing surveys and results with other online surveys users Organisation accounts If you are a user in an Organisation account, you can share your surveys with other online surveys users using the  Survey permissions functionality.  This allows you to […]

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Sharing a survey with another user

Posted: 9th October 2014

This Help article provides instructions for Organisation account users to share their surveys with other online surveys users via the  Survey permissions functionality. Using the survey permissions functionality, you can give full or limited access to a survey to other online surveys users.  You can, for example, allow another user full access to the survey, or […]

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I can’t see a survey that has been shared with me

Posted: 13th November 2015

To see surveys that other online surveys users have shared with you: Single user account and Project account: Click  Shared surveys (at the top right of your Dashboard ). Organisation account: At the top right of your Dashboard : Untick  JUST MY SURVEYS to see surveys shared with you by users in the same Organisation account. […]

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