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Tag: routing

What is an ‘orphaned page’?

Posted: 10th June 2015

If you are using routing in your survey, you may encounter a message on your survey launchpad that states “Survey contains orphaned pages”. An ‘orphaned page’ is one that is skipped by all respondents.  You cannot launch a survey with an orphaned page. To identify which page(s) are orphaned, click on Design and then Survey map. […]

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Introduction to routing

Posted: 30th April 2014

Routing (also known as skip-logic or branching) allows you to direct a respondent through your survey based on the answers that they give.  If a respondent provides a particular answer then they are directed to a particular page in the survey. Routing can be used to make long surveys shorter by having respondents automatically skip pages […]

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Simple routing


You can use routing to automatically have respondents skip one or more pages depending on their answer to a question. This page explains how to: Add simple routing (or ‘skip-logic’) to a question. Test your routing. Trouble-shoot your routing. Adding routing to a question Start by setting up all the pages of your survey, including a final […]

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Complex routing

Posted: 6th May 2014

This tutorial is about complex routing (or ‘branch-logic’) which you can use to create different routes through your survey that are the most relevant to each respondent. This page explains how to: Plan your routes. Set up the different routes through your survey. Test your routing. Trouble-shoot your routing. Planning your routes It is important to […]

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