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Navigating your Dashboard

Posted: 10th November 2015

When you log in to online surveys, you are taken to the Dashboard .  From the dashboard you can create new surveys, find and work on existing surveys, import surveys, copy surveys and delete surveys. A brief overview of the functionality available in the dashboard is provided below.  Please note that some account types do not have access […]

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Creating a new survey

Posted: 24th January 2014

There are three ways to create a new survey: Create a new survey from scratch. Create a new survey by copying an existing survey. Create a new survey by importing a survey structure. Creating a new survey from scratch To create your new survey: Click + Create new at the top left of the Dashboard […]

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How do I copy a survey?

Posted: 5th June 2015

To copy a survey: On your Dashboard , find the survey that you want to copy. Click on the  Copy survey icon.  This is found at the far right of the Dashboard. Enter a new survey name (you can change it later). Click Copy survey. The new draft survey will appear at the top of your survey […]

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I can’t see a survey that has been shared with me

Posted: 13th November 2015

To see surveys that other online surveys users have shared with you: Single user account and Project account: Click  Shared surveys (at the top right of your Dashboard ). Organisation account: At the top right of your Dashboard : Untick  JUST MY SURVEYS to see surveys shared with you by users in the same Organisation account. […]

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