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Why do I get the message "0 emails sent" when sending invitations/reminders?

The most likely reason that you are unable to send reminders using the online surveys email tool is that you have already sent the maximum number of emails that the tool will allow.

The online surveys email tool will send a maximum of one invitation email and four reminder emails per respondent (five emails in total).  Additionally, you can only send a reminder email to a respondent if you have sent them an invitation email using online surveys.

Other common reasons for being unable to send invitation/reminder emails include:

  1. The respondents’ email addresses are not contained in the Email field of the respondent list.
    • Online surveys uses the information in the Email field (third column) of the respondent list to send emails.  If you have included email addresses in the Username field, or any other field in your respondent list, please copy the information across to the Email field.  To check this, click on survey access control icon Survey access control in the Distribute section of your survey.
  2. One or more of your respondents has opted out of emails from online surveys.
    • If a respondent has chosen to opt out of emails from online surveys, the tool will not attempt to send them an invitation or reminder email.