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What is the response ID or unique response number?

Every online surveys response – every completed set of answers to the questions in an online survey – is assigned a unique response number by online surveys.

This is referred to as:

  • the “response ID” on the Analyse page.
  • the “receipt number” in a respondent’s completion receipt.
  • the “unique response number” in a results export.

The unique response number contains three sets of digits separated by dashes, for example:  158112-652341-1124587.

The unique response number does not contain any identifying information about the respondent.

The unique response number can be used for the following purposes:

  1. In the Analyse Summary page, you can click on the response ID next to a free text answer to see the entire response associated with that one free text answer.
  2. Having a unique response number allows you to distinguish between multiple responses that contain identical answers to all of the questions in your survey.
  3. If you have chosen to show a completion receipt to your respondents or allow your respondents to view and print their responses, a respondent can quote the receipt number to you if they have any queries about their response or wish to withdraw their response from the survey.  These ‘completion options‘ are found in the survey settings.