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Managing account responsibilities ADVANCED

This page is for administrators and Primary Contacts of Project or Organisation type accounts.

Every online surveys account must have a Primary Contact (PC) and at least one Billing Contact. By default, these roles are given to the person who initially sets up the account, but they can be reassigned to other Admin users at any point thereafter. Before reassigning these roles it is important to understand what the responsibilities are.

The PC is responsible for:

  • Acting as the Data Controller and ensuring that any processing of personal data within the account complies with the Data Protection Act.
  • Being the first point of contact for any queries regarding the account.
  • Mediating account-level requests from the organisation to the online surveys service, such as upgrades, detail changes, etc.
  • Managing users within the account, including user account set-up and timely deletion of user accounts and data, where appropriate.

Administrative tasks, such as user management, may be delegated to other Admin users within the account; however, the PC is ultimately responsible should those contacts be unavailable.

The Billing Contact is responsible for:

  • Managing the account subscription and payment of fees.
  • Acting as the contact person for account renewals and payment-related queries from the online surveys team.

Note: A user can be both the Primary and the Billing Contact for an account.

To reassign the Primary (and/or Billing) Contact role:

  1. On your Dashboard dashboard-icon, click on Manage in the top right corner and select your account name.
  2. Click on the Users tab. This page lists all users currently registered in the account. The present PC will be marked with the label ‘PRIMARY’.
  3. Find the user who you want to assign the role(s) to and click on their username. This will open the Edit user page.
  4. Tick the Primary Contact and/or Billing Contact box and click Save.