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Known Issues

This page details known issues with Online Surveys, intended to help you apply workarounds until the issues can be resolved.

Display and export of response data

 Issue resolved

This issue has been resolved. A previously announced maintenance window planned to resolve this issue is no longer necessary.

When accessing the Analyse page, in some instances the full set of responses are not displayed. This issue also cascades to the data exports from the Analyse page. Refreshing the page will sometimes display the full set of responses. 

Version affected: Online Surveys v2
Issue resolved: 04/03/2024, 9am 


Preview mode is not functioning as expected

When previewing your survey, you won’t be able to go past page 2. The preview version of your survey will loop between pages 1 and 2.

Be assured that this issue will not be encountered by respondents in your live survey.

Alternatively, we suggest that you follow the instructions to Pilot your Survey once you have finished editing your survey.

E57 error encountered when pre-populated questions are set as ‘required’

When questions are set to receive pre-population values, an error occurs for respondents if these questions are also set as required.

In order to prevent this error, pre-populated questions should be set as optional:

  1. Go to the Design page of your survey.
  2. Locate the questions collecting parameters – it says “Question users parameter” as a label – AND are marked with a red asterisk – that means that’s a required question.
  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon on the top-right of the bounding box.
  4. Go to Advanced options.
  5. Set the Optionality & Dependency to Optional.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The red asterisk should be gone now.
  8. Make sure every question that uses a parameter is not marked with a red asterisk on the right of the question text.