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Is additional statistical information (e.g. standard deviation) available in the results analysis?

For the question types:

  • Multiple choice, single answer questions.
  • Multiple choice, multiple answer questions.
  • Selection list questions.
  • Scale/rank questions.

Online will calculate the following additional statistical information:

  • Mean rank.
  • Variance.
  • Standard Deviation.
  • Lower Quartile.
  • Upper Quartile.

The information is available when you view the results in tables (rather than as bar charts or pie charts).

To convert all charts on the Analyse page to tables:

  • In the Analyse tab, click on Display and choose Tables only to convert all charts to tables.

To convert a single chart on the Analyse page to a table:

  • In the Analyse tab, click on the cog_blue small cog next to a question and choose Table to convert a single chart to a table.