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Error text or missing responses on the Analyse page ADVANCED

We are aware that some users have encountered one or more of the following issues on the Analyse page:

  1. The Analyse page does not show the correct number of responses, and the Refresh data refresh icon link (which is normally at the top right of the Analyse page) is not present.
  2. Error text displays at the top of the page, usually below the results for question 1.  The error text reads “(, KeyError(‘options’,)” and/or “DoesNotExist(‘Question matching query does not exist.’,)”.
  3. The results for one or more questions are hidden.

In all cases, the actual response data is not affected and still exists in its entirety.  The above issues relate to a problem with the generation of the dynamic charts and tables on the Analyse Summary page.  The response data has not been lost, deleted or affected in any way.

We are looking into this and will resolve it as soon as possible.  In the meantime, it is possible to resolve the issue yourself by forcing online surveys to re-generate the Analyse page from scratch.  This creates an entirely new version of the page without errors in it.

To re-generate your Analyse page:

  1. Go to the Analyse page for the affected survey.
  2. At the top left of the Analyse page, under Filter by response date, click Today. Your Analyse page should now say “Restricted to responses given today” (under “Showing x of y responses”).start again 1
  3. Sign out of online surveys – you must actually Sign out at the top right of the screen rather than just closing your browser.
    start again 2
  4. Sign back in to online surveys and go back to the Analyse page for the affected survey.
  5. You should see a message asking you to Return to previous state or Start again. Please click on Start again.start again 3

This forces online surveys to refresh the information in your Analyse page and you should now see the correct response information.