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Accessing benchmarking reports ADVANCED

If your institution has participated in a benchmarking survey, you will be able to access benchmarking reports shortly after all of the surveys have closed.  You will be informed either by the institution managing the survey or the online surveys team when the benchmarking reports are available.

To access a benchmarking report:

  1. Locate your benchmarking survey and click Analyse.
  2. On the Analyse page, click on the Advanced tab and select Benchmark survey.
  3. At Select comparison group, choose the group you would like to benchmark against, then click Select.
  4. You will be taken to a page which confirms the group that you have selected.  If you wish to proceed, click Benchmark.
  5. The benchmarking report will generate.  If the benchmarking group contains a large number of responses, the report may take a few minutes to run.  Please do not click your browser’s Back button, refresh the page, navigate away from the page or attempt to re-start the benchmarking process while the report is generating.

Once the benchmarking report has generated you can:

  • Filter the report for more nuanced analysis.
  • Download the report in PDF format by clicking Export at the top right of the page and choosing Download PDF.
  • Export individual question tables by clicking on the cog_blue small cog at the top right of the table and choosing the appropriate format.
  • Remove the benchmarking report and return to your response summary by clicking clear Remove advanced reporting at the top of your Analyse page.