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Introduction to routing

Posted: 30th April 2014

Routing (also known as skip-logic or branching) allows you to direct a respondent through your survey based on the answers that they give.  If a respondent provides a particular answer then they are directed to a particular page in the survey. Routing can be used to make long surveys shorter by having respondents automatically skip pages […]

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Simple routing


You can use routing to automatically have respondents skip one or more pages depending on their answer to a question. This page explains how to: Add simple routing (or ‘skip-logic’) to a question. Test your routing. Trouble-shoot your routing. Adding routing to a question Start by setting up all the pages of your survey, including a final […]

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Complex routing

Posted: 6th May 2014

This tutorial is about complex routing (or ‘branch-logic’) which you can use to create different routes through your survey that are the most relevant to each respondent. This page explains how to: Plan your routes. Set up the different routes through your survey. Test your routing. Trouble-shoot your routing. Planning your routes It is important to […]

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Screening out certain respondents

Posted: 30th April 2014

If your survey is only relevant to people matching certain criteria, you can screen out respondents who don’t match these criteria. For example, if your survey is about people’s experiences of post-surgical care you could ask respondents at the start of your survey if they have ever had any surgery. Those who reply ‘No’ can […]

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