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Tag: distribution settings

My survey has closed early and I can’t re-open it

Posted: 25th March 2015

The most likely reason for this is that you have set a Maximum responses number. A survey will automatically close when it has reached its maximum responses.  You cannot re-open a survey that has reached its maximum responses unless you change or remove the maximum responses number. The Maximum responses number is found in the […]

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Extending/re-opening your survey

Posted: 10th October 2014

To extend or re-open your survey, you will just need to change its close date. To change the close date of your survey: Locate your survey. Click on Distribute. Click on Distribution settings in the left-hand menu. Change the Closing date to the desired date. Click Save. Note:  If you are reopening a closed survey, we recommend you check […]

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How do I receive a survey responses digest?

Posted: 2nd December 2018

This feature is only available for Organisation account users What is a survey responses digest? A responses digest is an email that will update you on how many new responses your survey has received. You can choose to receive updates from as many surveys as you like and they will be collated into one convenient […]

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