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I can’t log in to online surveys

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to log in to online surveys:

You have not activated your user account

If you are a new user in an existing online surveys account, you should have received an invitation email.

The invitation email contains a link which you must click on to activate your account.

If you did not receive an invitation email, please ask the person who set you up with a online surveys user account to re-send your invitation email.

Your activation link has expired

If you see the message “Account activation failed, perhaps your link has expired?” this usually means either:

  1. You have already activated your account.  Please delete your invitation email and sign in at https://admin.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/accounts/login/ using your email address and the password you set when you activated your account.  If you cannot remember your password, there is a Forgotten password link on the sign in page which you can click on to send yourself a password reset email.
  2. You have waited too long to activate your account.  Please contact the person who sent you the invitation email.  Their email address is provided in the first line of the invitation email, which reads “You have been invited by…”.

You are not logging in at the correct address

Once you have activated your account, you can no longer use the invitation link to access online surveys.  You can find the online surveys sign in screen by clicking on Sign In on the online surveys home page, or you can access it directly via the link below.


You are not using the correct email address

The email address you use to access online surveys must match the email address associated with your user account in online surveys.  If in doubt, ask your Primary Contact or Administrator which email address is associated with your online surveys user account.

You have forgotten your password

Please click on the “Forgotten password” link to re-set your password.  This can be found on the online surveys sign in screen, or you can access it via the link below.