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FAQ for Demo users

Is a demo account time-limited?

Yes.  The demo account is limited to 30 days of survey use followed by a further 30 days during which time surveys cannot be run but any results you have collected can be exported. After this time the account is closed and the data will be erased. The starting date of the demo period begins when the account is created and not when you create your first survey. The demo period cannot be extended.

Will I be notified when my demo account is due to expire?

Yes.  We send several notification messages to the email address registered to your user account, and we also display these messages on your Dashboard.  We notify you when your initial 30 days of survey use is due to expire, and again when the additional 30 days that we allow for you to export your data is due to expire.

Is there any functionality that is not available in a demo account?

Demo account users cannot use the online surveys email tool.  This is to prevent misuse by spammers.  Demo account users also cannot invite other users to join the account or access any of the user management tools available in Project and Organisation accounts.  The Demo account otherwise mimics the functionality available in an Organisation account.

Can I retrieve data from my demo account after it has been deleted?

No.  Once your demo account has been purged, the information has been permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.  As mentioned above, we send several notifications alerting you to the imminent expiry of your demo account.

Can I convert a demo account to another account type?

No.  If you wish to purchase a online surveys account, you must sign up for it separately.  You can then export your survey structures from your demo account and import them into your new account.  Results data must be exported and stored outside of online surveys.