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FAQ for the free 30-day trial

What is the Online Surveys free trial?

You can trial all features of any Online Surveys account type free for 30 days and, if you like what you see, you can upgrade to a paid account seamlessly at the end.

Will I need to provide payment information before my trial?

No. You will only need to provide a PO number or credit card details at the end of the trial if you choose to upgrade to a paid licence.

Are there any features not included in the trial?

The trial will reflect the functionality of the account type you are trialing. However, we have set some limits:

  1. There is a limit of 100 responses per account for the duration of the trial. (You may contact us to discuss removing this limit.)
  2. Sending Invitation and reminder emails from the application is not permitted. (How can I distribute my survey? | What do invitation and reminder emails look like?)
  3. The option to create a custom theme or upload a background image is not available.
  4. The ability to bulk-invite users has been removed.

Will I be notified when my trial is due to end?

Yes, we will give you a heads-up half way through your trial and again five days before the end. Your trial end-date will also be displayed on your Dashboard.

How do I upgrade to a paid account?

You can choose to upgrade your account at any point during the trial and for 30 days after the trial ends, by going to Manage > Payments. Submitting the payment will upgrade your account and renew your licence.

The length of your free trial period will not be shortened if you upgrade during the trial. Your annual term will follow on from your 30 days.

What happens to my data when my trial ends?

If you don’t intend to upgrade, you should ensure you export any data you want to keep before your trial is up. After your trial ends, your account will be suspended but kept for a further 30 days. You can reactivate your account during this time by upgrading. After this second 30-day period, your data will be permanently deleted,You can reactivate your account up to 30 days after the trial has ended by upgrading. We’ll let you know before your account is deleted.

Can I extend my trial?

No. The trial is limited to 30 days.


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