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Transfer to Jisc: FAQs for Primary Contacts

See also: Transfer FAQs for all users

When will online surveys transfer from University of Bristol to Jisc?
It is both parties’ expectation that the transfer will take place on October 4 2017. However, should this date change we will inform you as soon possible.

Will my online surveys account be transferred automatically?
No. You must consent to the transfer of your licence and data to Jisc before your account can be transferred. The online surveys support team will reach out to you ahead of time for consent, or to talk you through the process should you choose to close your account instead. Once you have provided your consent we will arrange for your account and data to be transferred.

What will happen to the Terms and Conditions of my licence upon the transfer of online surveys from the University of Bristol to Jisc?
Upon transfer, Jisc will take over the role of data processor from UoB, and the licence agreement will be between the licensee and Jisc. The Terms and Conditions of the licence agreement will remain the same until your first renewal date. At this point the licensee may be asked to agree to a new set of Terms and Conditions. Current online surveys licenses will be retained until they reach their renewal date. Jisc will review T&Cs over the next few months to ensure compliance with new GDPR legislation. New or renewed licences issued after 4 October 2017, will have the new Jisc online surveys T&Cs.

What is the deadline for giving consent?
We need your consent to transfer your online surveys licence and data to Jisc by Wednesday, May 31 2017. If we haven’t heard from you by that date we will send a reminder to your organisation making it clear that if we don’t receive a response, then your account will be closed on June 30 2017. We will not be able to accept any responses after June 30 2017.

If I do not consent by Friday 30 June 2017, what will happen?
It is our hope that you will work with us to provide the consent required as quickly as possible, or to immediately begin working with your users to wind down your account. Should you choose not to transfer your account to Jisc, or if we do not receive consent by Friday, June 30 2017, your account will be closed on that date. You will need to arrange to close your surveys and retrieve your data before this date.

If I do not consent to transfer my licence and data, and my account is closed, will I be due a refund?
Yes. You will receive a partial refund based on the proportion of your licence period remaining.

If I do not consent to transfer my licence and data, and my account is closed, will I be able to access my data?
No, there will be no online access to your data beyond June 30 2017 if you do not provide us your consent to move your licence and data to Jisc. You need to contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Once I consent, do I have to do anything else?
Once you have given your consent, your account will be marked for transfer. Nearer the time, you will be made aware of the date when your account will be physically moved. You will need to communicate this to your users.

Will there be a period of downtime during the transfer?
Yes, when online surveys is physically being moved, there will be a downtime period of up to 48 hours. Further details will be communicated closer to the time.

Will Jisc change online surveys license fees?
As online surveys license fees have recently been reviewed, Jisc does not have any plans to revise them in the near future. Jisc has already spoken to a number of online surveys service users and the feedback gathered showed how much the sector values the service. Jisc’s initial focus will be on the seamless transition of the service, ensuring the continuation of all current features and maintaining excellent customer service. Following on from this initial period, Jisc intends to continue developing online surveys so that it supports the sector’s changing needs.

How will Jisc ensure my online surveys data is secure and protected?
Jisc takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. Jisc is hosting the systems in Amazon Web Services (AWS), in the Ireland availability zone. The information security of AWS is managed in conformance with the requirements of ISO 27001, providing Jisc and our customers with assurances of the security of the datacentre and virtualization aspects of the service. The security of the operating system and application stack is managed by Jisc.

Can I speak to somebody about the transfer?
Yes. You can get in touch with the online surveys Support team on 0300 300 2212, or you can email help@jisc.ac.uk